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Postby Fugitive » Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:58 pm

I heard something about [url="http://www.gohi.co.uk/"]free ads[/url] in the Internet. Can any one tell me is it scam or not?
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Postby Anshul267 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:04 am

English Taobao Shopping Agent http://www.Rorbuy.com Talking about Buying from Taobao

How much money left your wallet because of ebay shopping every year? 2300 Dollars? Well, now you can save 900 USD or more if all buy off taobao. Sounds new. What's so special about taobao? Taobao is the east version of ebay or ioffer. Blogspot.com is the number 16 most visited website out there and taobao.com ranks as number eight.

You could be surprised that you have entered a great many websites before but no one speaks of taobao. The reason is that the website is not in English or Korean and 99% viewers are Chinese. Don't worry about it if you know nothing about Chinese language as Taobao buying agent RORBUY can help no matter you need taobao in Polish, English, Akan etc. You may visit rorbuy.com for details.

Others may tell you that China is the factory for all kinds of products and many products from China are cheap. Yes, they are basically right. Let me show you some examples.

1. Price: $1.07 Title: Necklace-gold Wang Mo ring of the ring Lord of the rings Hobbit prequel of the ring Lord of the rings
2. Price: $2.46 Title: Genuine Barbie Barbie accessories, Barbie taobao shoes Pack two bags 4 Pack four pairs of shoes wholesale
3. Price: $11.64 Taobao Product Title: Creative fabric Christmas decorations Christmas Christmas sleigh Elk deer figurine home decoration with Bell

So who is behind taobao? A company called Alibaba. China made products bought locally are probably from wholesalers who purchased from China plants on alibaba.

Which group of consumer ought to purchase from taobao?

*Everyone who is eager to save money when shopping.
*The product you want to buy is hard to find anywhere else.
*You are seeking for peculiar type or layout.
*You wish to check it out what products from taobao could make you surprised.

What kind of commodity worth the trouble to purchase from taobao.com through taobao buying agent RORBUY?

*Electronics, Computer & Networking, Mini PCs
*Luggage & Bags, Men's Messenger Bags
*Beauty & Health, Hair, Feather Hair
*Kids Clothing & Accessories, Boys' T-shirts

…and so on.

What are the reasons of using rorbuy as your taobao purchasing agent?

1.Low service fee: 10% of items cost.
2.Payment methods: Paypal, Wire Transfer, etc.
3.Trackable Shipment: Airmail, EMS, DHL, etc.
4.When will it arrive? 2-3 days from seller to us. Then 10-35 days if you choose China Post airmail.

For more details about buying from taobao, please take a look at http://www.rorbuy.com .

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