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Beauty of a country

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Postby rahikalhasan » Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:50 am

Bangladesh is small country with lots of natural beautiesand exciting cultures and lots of history . It has achieved its freedom in 1971 by the first bloody war for independence. The country has so much varieties and exceptions that really makes the country special among the whole nation of world. One have to be very lucky to witness the every aspect of this country . The peace loving people of this country are very helpful and hard worker.The most important aspect is it’s seasonal beauty hence it is in monsoon area . The rivers , the sea beach , the Sundorban , the ancient places are very interesting. There are lots of charming area in this country which can make oneself very happy . The beautiful places are now become very popular tourist spot . The cultural beauty of this country makes her more unique. The verities of cultures are really enjoyable to the peace loving people of Bangladesh. And so many of them are not being introduced to the people of world. The sports are passion for the people of the country. Bangladesh has introduced themselves to the world through cricket .
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