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Job ID: 5ef6eb9c0c84 (SurveyHead: Complete Survey)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:45 am
by operarius
If I access the given URL, I am forwarded to a page with advertisements and I can not complete the task. Does someone else have the same problem?

SurveyHead: Complete Survey
Work done: 67/70
You will earn $0.33
This task takes less than 3 min to finish
Job ID: 5ef6eb9c0c84

Employer: Member_871305

Surveys -> Up to 10 questions

What is expected from Workers?

1. Go to
2. Fill in all the survey questionaires

Make sure you have completed all the questions. At the end of the survey, users will be rewarded with cash or virtual currency.

Required proof that task was finished?

1. The URL of the page that opens after you submitted the completed surveys
2. Your IP address -