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Job ID: e8e3aa9a4f83 (Life Insurance: Click 3x)

Did you find a broken campaign or a campaign where the employer tried to cheat on you? Report it here

Postby operarius » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:29 am

Problem: The headline does not change the color and no verification code is shown. For some workers the campaign seems to work.

Life Insurance: Click 3x

Work done: 20/30
You will earn $0.12
This task takes less than 2 min to finish
Job ID: e8e3aa9a4f83

Employer: Rawgeek (ID 481bfa95)

Click or Search Click 3x

What is expected from Workers?

1. Go to http://www.top-10-blog.com/top-10-life- ... es-in-usa/
2. Click on "Insurance @ Get Adviced" in the footer of the page
3. You will be redirected to http://insurance.getadviced.com. Stay on the appeared page for 90 seconds
4. Once 90 seconds pass, title of the article will turn to light blue color. Open in new tab or new window. Otherwise, you will lose the parent window and you can no longer repeat the process
5. Open one of the ads that has "insurance" in the title in new tab or new window
6. Focus on the window that was opened (you can close it now)
7. Focus back to my website
8. Click on the title that changed the color to light blue. Copy the verification number

Required proof that task was finished?

1. Enter the url of the page (http://insurance.getadviced.com/???)
2. Enter the verification number
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