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Pr blog for lease

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Postby pctelevision.info » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:34 pm

Dear friends, I have few PR blog. If you want to hire a PR blog you can contact with me. The rent is $6*/$9** per month. The minimum period of rent is 1 month. The rest terms and conditions are given below


Terms and conditions for PR domain (Lease):

1. Price for PR1 domain (lease) is $6/month and for PR2 domain (lease) is $9/month.
2. Payment should be made first. If you want to renew the lease you have to confirm 5 days before it end.
3. Minimum lease period is 30 days.
4. Only one person will get the access of the domain during lease period.
5. No PR Drop guarantee.
6. Domain control panel will not Shared with you.
7. A demo website will be assigned and a login panel will be given for posting the content.
8. You will be eligible to post on body/blogroll. (footer is N/A)
9. You cannot post adult content on the site.
10. Site related support will be provided.
11. You are not allowed to change the header/banner/title of the site.
12. You are not allowed to change the previous post by others. If you do that it will violate the terms and conditions and as a result the deed will be cancelled.
13. The above listed terms and conditions can be change without any prior notice but generally a notice will be sent 7 days before it implemented.

You can Pm me here or in fb. My fb profile url is: https://www.facebook.com/naf1s.ahm3d.
Thank you.
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