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Trading Account Outline

This is the right place if you want to sell something, e.g. your web page or an yahoo accounts. You can also search here for new Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Postby biggreekgeek » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:44 pm

Since we all here are trying to make microworkers a little more profitable I think we need a system in place to safely trade things such twitter accounts. Since this isn't nothing new I will not go supers into detail right now. That's why its called a Outline. If your selling a account, it should be done as follows. The buyer and seller goes into a chat room such as a private chat on yahoo. A third neutral party will also be there. I vote ane mari or Operarius for this duty. First the person will send the account password to ane mari in private. She will log into that account to make sure the account does have everything advertised. Then after she checks, she will tell in normal chat that the account is clear and to send payment. The payment goes to ane mari, then to the seller minus a small fee to be the neutral party. Seller will tell in chat that he received the payment. Then the buyer will get the password from ane mari. Transaction done. Ane mari would keep a log of all the chats for 30 days so no one can try and screw people out of money. I picked ane mari or Operarius because they have been here for a long time and already have accounts that have a huge following so no reason to have another. Plus, they are very active on microworkers and not just someone that posts here and there.

Do you guys think that this a good idea, please tell me how you would do it to make things safer for everyone.
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