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Some Microworkers don't know How to give link?

Give other workers valuable tips how to do things right.

Postby rhdcnmu » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:53 pm

:idea: More about five days ago I knew how to give link in Forum Post. I find some forum post some different forums, Most of Microworkers don't give link, They add the Employer Link at the end of post. This is wrong. Other hand, High traffic forum doesn't accept link. I Tried three forum, they already banned me. I obviously Thanks those forum which are recently introduce to help microwerkers.
Now I introduce a Microworkers Job. below: you see carefully the quoted line

""You finished this job

Job name Forum: Post + Link to Web Hosting
Job ID 7c02df2df5ec
Task ID 4141740
Employer Nazim
Earned $0.13
Finished 2011-12-01 09:21:40
Employer rated this task "Satisfied"

What was expected?

1. Go to http://www.worldsitehost.com
2. Read enough to know Web Hosting Packages, Free Services, Special Bonuses and other salient features of WorldSiteHost
3. Find a forum that is relevant to Website Hosting
4. Open a "new topic" and make a respectable post about WorldSiteHost
5. Include a link in your post using the details below:
URL: http://www.worldsitehost.com
Anchor Texts (select anyone): Unlimited Web Hosting for US$3.33 / Website Hosting / Web Hosting / Cheap Web Hosting or Affordable Web Hosting

1. You may be required to register for that forum (if not already registered) before posting a new topic.
2. You must start a new topic. Comment on existing topic is not acceptable.
3. The post must be grammatically correct and written from a professional view of points and be as convincing as possible.
4. Link must be do-follow, permanent and clickable.
5. Forum should be only about Web Hosting and it should not about Pornography, Alcohol, Drugs or Gambling etc.
Required proof that task was finished
1. URL of the Forum Post where you have posted a link to WorldSiteHost.com
Proof submitted by you
http://currentinfo24.com/forums/viewtop ... f=17&t=604
Employer comment""

I think you are understand "link" is important. I am giving you a link Anuprashbd. Go there. :oops:
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Postby operarius » Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:32 pm

Hi rhdcnmu,
thank you for your tutorial. I think this is also a good way to help other workers start with Microworkers. I've created a new Forum especially for howtos and tutorials, and moved your topic there.

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Postby noriko2200 » Sat May 05, 2012 1:15 pm

Very useful tutorial
thank you
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