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Postby sensitiveguy » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:44 pm

I've been working a few days on Microworkers and find it intriguing. It seems that there are a few easy to complete tasks, eg: searching for a web site and recording a landing page as proof; but then there are all those Yahoo Answer and Forum Post sites which have literally pages of instructions (eg: first page= 500 words) and limitations and requirements ( G+1, G+2, your own web site, no blogs allowed, must have Facebook or one of a dozen other social media sites) and in return offer $0.30 to complete. Does any one else have comment or a better (more Positive)perspective on the jobs offered?
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Postby ian » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:30 pm


I love working for Microworkers but tend to be a bit selective on the type of jobs I choose. Personally I do not mind some of the Forum posting jobs as they can be quite fun and allow you to be quite creative with your Forum Posts... but I am, personally, not too keen on the Yahoo Answers jobs as I have heard rumors that Yahoo can be quick to close your Yahoo Answers account if they feel you are spamming their website with too many link loaded answers.

Yes; some of the jobs do seem to have quite tight restrictions and lengthy instructions... but once you manage to fathom out what to do then similar jobs with similar complex instructions suddenly appear much easier to do. It is just a matter of taking time to work out exactly what each Employer wants for each type of job. It is a steep learning curve; but once you get the hang of it it becomes considerably easier and you can get through the jobs quicker.

Some of the complex jobs seem pretty difficult until you get the hang of them. It is really a question of you, yourself, looking at the range of jobs available and working out which you feel happiest doing. Do those first. Then; when you have some spare time concentrate on just a single complex job, take time to study the instructions carefully, and give it a go. The reward (30 cents) may seem small for all the effort you put into that first complex job but I tend to view it as training. Once you get the hang of one particular type of complex job you will be able to complete similar ones quicker.

I think that really sums it up... The more experience you have doing each type of job the quicker you will become at completing them and the more 30 cent jobs you will be able to pack into a hour.

Just my thoughts,
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