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Do you have any suggestions how to improve this forum or do you have any problems with it? This is the right place!

Postby operarius » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:20 pm

The idea behind this forum is to give the users of Microworkers a place for open discussions and to get in touch with each other.
Currently, the only place to get together is the official facebook page of Microworkers which is moderated by the operators. In contrast to the facebook page, this forum is independent of Microworkers and you can freely talk about anything you like or don’t like on the platform.
If you have been cheated by an employer, warn the other workers! If you had a great day on Microworkers with a good income, tell us!
Even the basic intention of this forum is to help the workers building a community, it is also open to employers. Use the chance to get in touch with your workers and help them if they have problems with your campaign descriptions or if you want to promote your campaigns.
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