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Postby ian » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:43 pm

Hi Guys! My name is Ian Douglas and I am Freelance Writer living in Great Britain. I must admit I came across the MicroWorkers site by accident, signed up and am loving it. It is certainly a fun way to earn a bit of money in my spare time!

I have only been a MW member for a week but have to confess that I am already finding a few things really frustrating like twice being asked to bookmark a website only to discover that the Bookmarking Service they want me to use charges a monthly fee. There have also been several jobs I have completed but have not submitted because the proof required is ambiguous. It is very frustrating that, as a worker, I seem unable to contact the employer to ask for clarification about some of the jobs.

However, these frustrations aside, it seems quite an enjoyable way to earn a bit of money and I am glad I discovered both the MicroWorkers website and this Forum (although a bit sad this Forum is not more active).

Having fun and loving it!
(MicroWorker: IanD)
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