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7 code tasks BIG PROBLEMS!!!!!!!

This is the right place if you have problems with some employers or Microworkers.

Postby bismarckcro » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:47 am

Hay there, today i just going to do some money on microworkers,and so on i make some dozen bookmarks and I give 7 code to the employer, and guess what?? they all are misrated!!!!!!!
I think whatafuck??? Than I see that i put all phrase in"your 7 code is blblbla" so I was thinking that is problem.So, I go make another job and put JUST fuc...g 7 code in and same shit again!!! I mean how did it happen?? I think that problem is in autocheck software and they have some big problems with that.

So what did you think? have someone same problem? Or just me?
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