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I get Misrated by 7 code employer!!!!!

This is the right place if you have problems with some employers or Microworkers.

Postby bismarckcro » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:49 pm

Hey there,before 6 days I finished 11 jobs for Member_36921(he give jobs,and when you are done you get code,which you put in proof box on microworkers),and all was misrated!So, I cant understand way that is like it is? On all jobs answer is same;

"Employer comment

You have been asked to submit a 7 character confirmation code to prove that you have completed the task.
Instead you have submitted the following text: "

In answer employer tells that he dont see my answer(yes, I past 7digit code..)and he misrated me.So 1 day a after I make 1 job,and this time he pay me!!
So I cant understand why this is happening and when I will get my money?

So if someone have same problem give here post or advice.
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