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PIN request for microworkers

This is the right place if you have problems with some employers or Microworkers.

Postby sunny » Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:26 am

Due to the poor postal service in my country i have doubt of getting pin number I don't even know what is my home address number we've never used it before i think it's very ridiculous for microworker to rely upon snail mail or postal services if they want to be sure the employee they are working with are real they can use another method like mobile number or home telephone number depending upon the outdated mailing method just make us so frustrated and doubtful like it is scam or something else . I'm not sure if i could get pin number or not and i heard about sms pin but i don't know how does it work i have been surfing net for whole day now just to know how does it work but nobody is ready to solve this problem...if somebody know how to get sms pin please share your idea on here....
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